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My favorite artists!

J.D. Hillberry

He is an awesome artist! All of his drawings are done in pencil and charcoal and has a realism to them that is unmatched! (official site)
Boris Vallejo (fansite)

Another one of my favorite artists. This is an online gallery of his work that I found. Beautiful fantasy paintings. His official site is here
Louis Royo (fansite)

Awesome fantasy and dark fantasy paintings! The images draw you into another world. Yes, he's another of my favs. :D His official page can be found here

More art and fantasy sites

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Sites

Find many other sci-fi and fantasy sites here! Click on the link to vote for mine!
ARC International

The Art Renewal Center has beautiful classic style paintings. They are "a non-profit educational organization committed to reviving standards of craftsmanship and excellence."

This site is "for graphical artists to display their creations for feedback and exposure." There are a lot of beautiful pieces to be found here.

You can find my galler here

Beautiful fantasy paintings are shown here by a host of wonderful artists. You can order prints or greeting cards through them.

This site lets artists post their work and get some feedback. It's mostly fantasy though there is some fan art too. My profile has recently been accepted there.
Quantum Muse

A zine that has a lot of beautiful artwork in it. They're primarily SciFi and Fantasy style. There are also some wonderful short stories, poetry, etc.

My other sites

Enchanted Doorway

My metaphysical site. I started this one YEARS ago and it's still under construction.'s usable...I just have a lot more research to do.
My journal

This is my livejournal. On it I post everything. Daily life BS, spirituality, art, etc. Whenever I draw something new I post it on there. Most of what I write is pretty boring...but you're free to check it out if you wish.
My Elfwood Profile

This is just my elfwood profile. Here is where I place all of my sci-fi and fantasy artwork for feedback and coments.
My DeviantArt Profile

This is just my Deviant Art profile. Here I display a lot of my artwork for feedback and coments.
Zazzle Gallery

Here you can find some of my artwork for sale as prints or cards. If you would like to buy something here in my gallery that isn't for sale there then please feel free to e-mail me and I'll make it available.

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Fantasy Artwork by Jessica Cochran