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So, you wish to know more about me? Well, here goes. I've never been very good at writing bios.
Jessica Cochran I was born on Long Island in New York as Jessica Lynn Olk in 1978. I grew up in a single parent, middle class home. My grandmother was an artist before she got into an accident and hurt her wrist so bad that holding a paintbrush was difficult. I remember watching her draw, or paint, and wishing that some day I could have half of her talent.

When I went into High School I took every art class I could. Aside from wanting to be a psychologist, anthropologist, biologist, actor…I very much wanted to be an artist.
I would draw constantly in my spare time. If it was for class I was the first to have it done (the teacher often times had to give me extra work just so I would have something to do). If it was just for enjoyment I was drawing from magazines, photographs, and occasionally from my own imagination. I fell in love with drawing the female form.

Reality hit my senior year in high school when I realized my mother couldn't afford to send me to college. Not to mention that I didn't know exactly what field I wanted to pursue. So, I joined the Navy. Hey, they promised me money towards an education and I figured that 4 more years to figure out what I wanted wasn't so bad.

After I left military service I settled down with Frankie Cochran, a man I had fallen in love with while stationed on the U.S.S. Milius, DDG 69. We married in the summer of 1999 and a year later I was pregnant with our son, Orion. I still drew every chance I had, but I never got the schooling I wished for.

In 2000, while my husband was on deployment (I was pregnant with Orion at the time), I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in art…or at the very least prepare for one. I drew almost every day. Unfortunately, only 3 of those drawings have survived. There are more, but those were based off of our roommate's comic books.

After I had my son I stopped drawing as much. Occasionally I would pick up my sketchbook and draw from a magazine or just doodle. Most of those drawings found their way to the trash bin as my son had gotten a hold of them. Lesson learned: there is no such thing as a high enough shelf when it comes to small children.

In 2005 my daughter was born and unlike when my son was born I didn't stop drawing. Actually, I would stop for a few months at a time just because I needed a break. But eventually I went back to drawing every day.
In 2006 I started doing comisioned works. I still draw for the pure enjoyment of it. I practice a lot and have been for years now. My artwork has greatly improved since I've started taking it a lot more seriously. It has become my passion and sometimes that passion consumes me. However, I still find the time for friends and family. Especially my, now, 2 children, Orion and Kieriana. Jessica Cochran
In the meantime I'm just going to have fun drawing whenever I have the chance. If you like my work please let me know. :)

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